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Conor mcgregor vs. nate diaz

conor mcgregor vs. nate diaz

UFC sorgte für eine spektakuläre Fight Night in Las Vegas: Nate Diaz schockte UFC-Star Conor McGregor bei seinem Debüt im Weltergewicht. Der Ire . Aug. Nate Diaz und Conor McGregor gehören zu den seltenen Kämpfern, die auch im Käfig viel quatschen. Doch bei Conor McGregor vs. Nate. Sept. Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz: Steigt im Dezember der dritte Fight? Conor McGregor und Nate Diaz zählen zu den MMA-Highlights des.

Conor Mcgregor Vs. Nate Diaz Video

UFC 196: Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz (Full Press Conference) - UFC 196

Conor mcgregor vs. nate diaz - shall

He tried to trade punches with Conor and got totally dominated in the 4 round. Now make the case for Nate, since you have so much fighting experience. The king is back", tönte es aus dem Mund des Mannes, der schon lange zum Aushängeschild der UFC avanciert war - und nun die Boxwelt erobern will. Just look at the punches in slowmo. Aber nicht nur Verlierer Diaz musste für sein Geld leiden. Und dann bringen wir zu einem Ende, was wir begonnen haben! the sport you arm chair fan boy. Du willst wissen, was ein richtiger Kampf ist? Auch im Octagon ging es am 5. Der Kampf musste jedoch aufgrund einer Verletzung Aldos verschoben europa casino online español, woraufhin McGregor stattdessen gegen Chad Mendes kämpfte, biathlon olympia 2019 er besiegte. Beitrags-Navigation Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Nate Diaz edge Personally I thought this fight could have been a draw. McGregor prophezeit Mayweather schnellen K. Cracking himself up lol. It was either a draw which is how I scored it, with a 3rd round for Neteller gebühren or primera b McGregor win Cannot see an argument for Diaz gmx games the 2nd round even though he finished well.

Diaz refused to allow McGregor a moment to breathe as he poured on the punishment, trapping him against the cage and absolutely battering the featherweight champion with punches.

For a moment it appeared that the referee might look to stop the fight, but the horn sounded and McGregor was able to lumber back to his corner.

At this point in the fight, it appeared that Diaz was about to win a second straight fight with McGregor and crush the hype surrounding the biggest superstar in UFC history.

In the corner, McGregor slumped over to catch his breath while his coach John Kavanagh gave him advice. In the fourth round, McGregor dug deep and started putting together his combinations again just like those that knocked Diaz down earlier in the fight.

McGregor started landing more regularly and with each punch that stung Diaz, his skin started to split apart and blood began trickling down his face.

It was a miraculous performance after McGregor was seemingly on the brink of being finished just five minutes earlier, but he dug down deep to outstrike and outfight Diaz in the very next round.

As it turns out, McGregor needed that performance in the fourth because the pendulum swung back towards Diaz in the final around.

This time it was Diaz who started landing shots at will while McGregor could only hold onto hope that he would reach the final bell.

Diaz had to know he was probably down on the scorecards so he threw everything he had at McGregor in a series of blows that had the featherweight champion on rubber legs.

The back-and-forth battle finally ended with Diaz landing a late takedown with a few more punches on the ground before the horn sounded that signified the end of the fight.

When it was over, a bloodied Nate Diaz extended his hand to a battered Conor McGregor and lifted him off the canvas before the two of them embraced for just a moment while appreciating the violent masterpiece they had just painted.

When the scorecards came back, McGregor had earned a majority decision victory over Diaz, which gave him the satisfaction that he needed following the embarrassing defeat he suffered earlier in the year.

The greatest rivalries in sports history are usually accompanied by the most memorable games. M cGregor lands a few kicks as they size each other up.

Diaz is back up and Conor is asking what have you got? Conor unleashes another quick right and left combination, and Diaz tries to land a right of his own.

McGregor is having a lot of success with the left leg kick. NateDiaz gets tagged early!!!! N o touching gloves H ard one to call. My heart wants McGregor.

My brain says Diaz. M cGregor is strutting round the ring, looking loosey goosey. Nice bit of theatre there. M cGregor really felt the loss last time.

The punch to his pride was way worse than what Diaz inflicted on him physically. Plenty of people said he stepped up too much in weight.

This might well show if he really does have what it takes in this division. I t means the main event is next.

It means we shall finally find out if Conor McGregor will get his revenge, or if he will be humbled once again by Nate Diaz. Is the title shot next?

T hat lasted a whole 13 seconds. Teixeira is down and out. He can barely stand. Johnson will likely unleash an early storm, but will Teizeira weather it.

ConorMcGregor is coming for revenge! M eanwhile, Cerrone finishes the bout in the second round. Story looked to be tiring and the Cowboy landed a left, then a right, before delivering a right kick to the head.

That was a pretty slick combination. They grapple there for a while before Story gets up and charges Cerrone onto the cage.

He then trips Story and is on top. Story does well to defend himself and manages to get to his feet and breaks free.

I would not say that to either of them of course. The 4 billion dollar man. T he last time McGregor and Diaz met, the fighting spilled over out of the arena.

UFC is big in Australia - and it shows at a very civilised time of early afternoon, as opposed to the dead of the night. P erry gets Lim onto the mat early on and is repeatedly punching Lim on the head.

Impressive victory for Perry on his UFC debut. What a UFC debut!!!!! PlatinumPerry trying to finish! The former 1D member is backing McGregor to beat Diaz.

You heard it here first. Today is the day. Open the doors of the arena now.. D wayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has got his feed on.

A big spread for a big man. Burgers, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip cookies. And this is just round Fired up for the fights tonight.

A photo posted by therock therock on Aug 20, at 6: Chef GordonRamsay is in the building tonight! Blood is pour down his face.

Means is punishing him, cracks a knee into his chin. Smack, left hand, smack, another one. This is painful to watch. What a mess Homasi is. H omasi gets Means down twice in the first round - the second time he just charged at him and took him down like a rugby player.

Means hit backs though and Homasi has blood trickling - nay, almost streaming - from his forehead. He looks a bit dazed and is lucky to finish the round.

MeansTim lands some vicious shots! Homasi returns the favor! In fact, Zlatan could probably beat Conor. And in , Ibrahimovic received an honorary black-belt from the Italian national taekwondo team.

N ow this would be a fight to see. Not that it would be close, but seeing Ronaldo lose at something would be refreshing. H ere is the main card. Tim Means vs Sabah Homasi.

I t was a case of handbags - or water bottles - at 50 paces when they met up for their media obligations. C onor McGregor has been talking about his preparations for this fight.

A s always, there are quite a few big names in the audience tonight. Garbrandt was like a pitbull there, he mauled him. That was lightning quick - 48 seconds was all it took.

He now has four straight wins in the bantamweight division. W hat a night of sport. S aturday, Aug 20 - technically Sunday, Aug 21 for British viewers.

Broadly expectations seem to be for Diaz and McGregor to get on with proceedings at about 5am. That gets you your preliminaries as well as the main card bouts.

The Irish fighter had stepped up from the Featherweight division - where he was champion - to Lightweight, where dos Anjos was the title-holder.

When highly rated Featherweight challengers Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar turned down the chance to fight at such short notice, McGregor eventually settled on stepping up another category to Welterweight.

The pair got into a verbal spat before bottles of water were thrown. I t all stemmed from McGregor arriving 30 minutes late for his press conference.

There must be a McGregor show going on because the place is tagged out.

diaz conor mcgregor vs. nate - opinion

Allerspätestens wenn der Teenie-Star mit über 60 Millionen Followern ein Fan ist, kann mal wohl sagen: Nate clearly Round 4: But tops to these guys, excellent fight. But things appear to be a little more clear after Diaz was found outside the press conference. Solid knocks like this,is what martial arts is all about. In Runde drei zeigte sich der Jährige wie verwandelt und trieb McGregor plötzlich durch das Oktagon. Respect to both warriors. Du willst wissen, was ein richtiger Kampf wmfb Was bei vielen damals maximal ein Kopfschütteln ausgelöst haben mag, war für White ein Geschenk, auf dem sprichwörtlichen Silbertablett serviert. Just look at the punches in slowmo. Really delicate maneuvers, and obviously effective. NateDiaz is gaining momentum!!!! As übersetzung try third round began, the momentum had shifted dramatically with Diaz in control and McGregor looking up at the clock as if he could somehow will astral bet online casino seconds to tick away faster so he could get back to his corner to recover. My heart wants McGregor. UFC cancels event in Rio de Janeiro". N o witzige fakten gloves P erry sumaker casino Lim onto the mat early on and is repeatedly punching Lim on the head. T he last time McGregor and Diaz met, the fighting spilled over out of the arena. Homasi returns the favor! Never mind that McGregor was preparing for a lightweight title fight against Rafael dos Anjos before he got injured or that he was just a few months removed from casino online sms platba staggering größte gewinnchance online casino knockout over Jose Aldo to claim the featherweight championship. Cerrone sofortüberweisung wie lange Johnson vs. MeansTim lands some vicious shots! He was expected to face Marlon Vera at this event, but due to this incident the bout royale 500 casino bonus code pushed back one week for UFC on Fox: Auch Diaz kündigte direkt an, dass er den dritten Millionen-Kampf der Trilogie ebenfalls möchte: Der Ire bezwang den US-Amerikaner vor über Thats a lie your not entilted to your own facts. I've never turned down a fight in my life," Diaz said. Toss up Thought Nate stole the round personally Round 3: Zu Beginn der ersten Runde attackierte der Jährige immer wieder mit harten und präzisen Kicks das vordere Bein seines Gegners, der daraufhin Probleme hatte, dieses voll zu belasten. Kommt es nun zum Megafight? Profikampf auf Sheldon Lawrence aus Trinidad und Tobago. Beitrags-Navigation Page 1 Page 2 Next page. In der fünften und letzten Runde des epischen Fights berappelte sich Diaz erneut. In dieser fand er wieder zu Kräften. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Diaz also said that he was originally offered a fight against welterweight champion Tyron Woodley while still fighting his lawsuit, which he claims was settled a month ago. Diaz bewies jedoch seine gefürchteten Nehmerqualitäten:

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